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EZ Slang

Study Abroad Trips - Part III

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VI. Expanding Your Learning

Instructions: Select one or more of the activities below to expand your understanding and use of the slang studied in this unit.

  • Discussion: Talk with a partner about the ideal tour package and where he or she would go if they had the time and money to do so.

  • Improvisation: Give your partner(s) a new vocabulary word from this unit and ask the partner to think up a sentence or more with the slang used in context. Sharing something from personal experience will make the activity more real and interesting to the listeners.

  • Writing: Write a two-paragraph essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of going on a trip with a tour group verses going by yourself. Try to use appropriate transition words to show comparison and contrast (e.g., both, and, not only ~ but, on the other hand, in contast, although, etc.)

    Example: Traveling on your own allows you the freedom to choose your destinations, but going with a tour group takes the headache away of having to make all the travel arrangements.
  • Real Speak: Interview a native speaker at your school or in the local community about the writing topic above. How does the person feel about organized tours verses planning things out yourself.

  • Internet Search: Conduct an Internet search of three types of tours to the following locations: an Artic polar bear tour, a tour of Europe, and a tour of the ancient ruins of Peru. Compare prices, accomodations, sites and attractions, safety, and length of trip.
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