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Dating and Romance, Part II

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IV. Filling in the Meaning - Listen

Instructions: Listen to the short interview and fill in the blanks with the missing words.

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Dating is usually either fun and exciting or disappointing, depending on your experience. For exampe, Internet dating is becoming popular---a (1) with someone online, and people often develop (2) the people they meet, but the situation is not always so (3). For instance, people sometimes have the tendency to (4) and don't often show their (5) because they are attempting to show their best sides and not reveal any flaws in their personalities. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to really get to know someone through email or online chatrooms, and in some cases, some people (6) you on to believe they are something they're not. My suggestion is for people to make careful decisions about dating so they don't have to (7) someone different than they expected.

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V. Retelling the Story

Instructions: Retell the advice above using the vocabulary you have learned. Then discuss with a partner how your own dating experiences have been the same or different.

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