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EZ Slang

Dating and Romance

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Sample Sentences

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  • blind date: a date with a stranger

    -- You hafta be really brave to go on a blind date.

  • nip something in the bud: stop something from starting in the first place

    -- You'd better just nip that plan in the bud because I'm not going out on any more blind dates.

  • gee (interjection): used to express annoyance, disgust, or surprise

    -- Gee! I didn't know she felt that way.

  • get something off your chest: talk about something that has been bothering you

    -- Look. We really hafta talk tonight. There's something I hafta get off my chest, and it can't wait until tomorrow.

  • beat around the bush: avoid talking about something directly

    -- Stop beating around the bush and tell me how you feel. You hafta tell me exactly how you feel if you want me to understand you.

  • have a crush on: romantic love, used especially for young people

    -- She has a crush on my brother, but the feelings aren't mutal, and he hasta tell her how he feels.

  • be on cloud nine: extreme happiness; also "seventh heaven"

    -- She was on cloud nine after he proposed to her.

  • stand up: not meeting someone you promise to do so

    -- I can't believe stood me up on the first date!

  • lead on: make someone think something is true when it is not

    -- You shouldn't lead her on if you really aren't interested in her. You just hafta be honest.

  • dump: end a romantic relationship, often without care

    -- She dumped the guy when she found out he was dating someone else.

  • jerk: a person who does stupid or annoying things

    -- You really hafta end this relationship with this guy. He's a jerk because he only thinks of himself.

  • show true colors: reveal your true self

    -- People often don't show true colors until they get married.

  • promise the moon: make big promises that might be impossible to do

    In life, you hafta be realistic and not promise the moon when there is no way to make something happen.

  • Mr. Right: the perfect partner

    -- You're not going to find Mr. Right at the library.

  • find the one: find the right person to date or marry

    -- She thought she had found the one at the party last week, but she soon realized he wasn't her type.

  • put up with: endure something or someone without complaint

    -- Putting up with problems in a relationship isn't something you want to deal with over the long term. Instead, you hafta learn to resolve problems; no relationship is problem-free.

  • give the cold shoulder: pay no attention to, snub

    -- If you give him the cold shoulder for no reason, he definately won't ask you out again.

  • tie the knot: get married

    -- My wife and I tied the knot on her birthday on a beach in Hawaii. What a great way to get married!

  • rosy: hopeful, optimistic

    -- There hasta be a way to get it through her head that life isn't all rosy 24-hours-a-day.

  • make up: become friendly with someone again after having problems

    -- When you have problems in a relationship, you sometimes just hafta swallow your pridge, apologize, and make up. It usually matters little who was at fault.

  • give-and-take: a state where people work together in allowing each other to do things they want

    -- Allowing some give-and-take is crucial to a healthy relationship .

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