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EZ Slang

Budget Hotels

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Sample Sentences

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  • man (interjection): used (mainly by men) to emphasize what you are saying, particularly in emotional situations

    -- Ah, man! You should have made the reservation a month ago.

  • sweet: great, fantastic

    -- The view from the hotel room is so sweet!

  • the man: used to praise someone for having done something very well

    -- Hey, you're the man! I can't believe you were able to get these great concert tickets for us, but we can always count on you.

  • come across: find

    -- Dya think we'll come across some cheap hotels on our trip?

  • pull someone's leg: tell something that isn't true as a joke

    -- Stop pulling my leg and tell me honestly: Dya really have to work this weekend, or can we go on the trip?

  • nope: informal for no

    -- Did I make the reservations already? Nope. Dya think I'm that prepared?

  • come across: find

    -- If you come across any good hotel ads, please let me know.

  • dump: an old, rundown, or messy place, often used to refer to apartments, houses, or hotels

    -- Dya notice what a dump that hotel was? There's no way I'm going to spend a night there.

  • go online: connect with the Internet

    -- Going online and making travel arrangements is becoming easier and easier.

  • book: make a reservation

    -- Don't worry. I'll have booked the hotel by the time you get back this afternoon.

  • be in the mood : have the desire to do something

    -- To be honest, I'm not in the mood for shopping. I'd much rather stay at the hotel and relax.

  • take a dip: go swimming

    -- Dya want to take a dip in the pool after dinner?

  • lounge around: spend time doing nothing particular

    -- I spent the morning lounging around at the beach since I didn't have anything better to do.

  • catch something on TV: watch

    -- Hey. Dya catch that travel show on TV last night? It talked all about hotel accomodations in Europe.

  • bag: decide not to do something

    -- Web bagged the idea of traveling by bus because it would have taken too long to finish our trip.

  • hang around: spend time at a place with no specific purpose

    -- Dya know where Carl is? Since I don't see his surfboard outside, he must be hanging around at the beach.

  • be glued to the tube : watch intensely the TV

    -- While he has been glued to the tube all afternoon, the rest of the family has been collecting sea shells on the beach.

  • drag: something that is boring

    -- Going on that tour yesterday was such a drag because the tour guide was very informed or interesting. Let's just explore the city on our own today.

  • throw: have or organize an event

    -- We decided to throw a homecoming party for my parents.

  • be beat: very tired, exhausted

    -- To be honest, I'm really beat after that long flight, so dya mind waiting a little later to go out for dinner?

  • crash: go to sleep

    -- After spending thirteen hours on the plane, the only thing I wanted to do was to go home and crash.

  • hit the sack: go to bed

    -- Why don't we hit the sack a little early so we're ready for the tour tomorrow.

  • clean: not offensive or objectionable

    -- Don't worry. They only show clean movies on the airplane, so that shouldn't be a problem for you kids.

  • play on TV: be shown or performed (playing at the theater)

    -- By chance, dya know if any good movies are playing on TV tonight?

  • be on the same page: be in agreement

    -- You'd better check with brother about our travel plans to make sure we are on the same page. I don't want to find out about any misunderstandings or flight changes a few days before our departure.

  • get some shut eye: go to sleep - I think we'd better get some shut eye so we'll be alert for the long drive tomorrow.

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