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EZ Slang

Job Hunting - Part 2

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IV. Filling in the Meaning - Listen

Instructions: Listen to the short interview and fill in the blanks with the missing words.

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When I was a college student, life was sometimes difficult because I had to (1) away in a low-paying job to make ends (2). Then, a few months before I graduated, I knew I had to improve my chances of (3) a good teaching job because there was so much competition in my field, so I decided to ask some of my professors if they had any (4) to any of the local schools in my area. I mean, if I could just get my (5) in the door by volunteering or showing interest in a school program, then I might have a chance to show my (6) and prove that I could be a great teacher. Well, as it turns out, I had an interview with one of the principals, and I was hired a week later.

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V. Retelling the Story

Instructions: Retell the story above using the vocabulary you have learned. Tell how the man was able to eventually find a job.

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