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EZ Slang

Job Hunting - Part III

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VI. Expanding Your Learning

Instructions: Select one or more of the activities below to expand your understanding and use of the slang studied in this unit.

  • Discussion: Talk with a partner about the the best ways to find a good job in your field (e.g, get an advanced degree, subscribe to magazines and journals on your major, etc.).

  • Improvisation: Give your partner(s) a new vocabulary word from this unit and ask the partner to think up a sentence or more with the slang used in context. Sharing something from personal experience will make the activity more real and interesting to the listeners.

  • Writing: Compose an email to your teacher or a friend describing three ways people can improve their chances of getting a job right out of college without much experience. Use transition words to state your points and give examples for each.

  • Real Speak: Interview native speakers at your school or in the local community about how they landed their current job. Why did they change jobs? Was there a time in their life that they had difficulty making ends meet? Did they have connections that helped them get a foot in the door at a company?

  • Internet Search: Conduct an Internet search to find three job offerings in your particular field. What are the minumum qualifications for each? What benefits, in additon to the salary, does the company provide?

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