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Making Money - Part I

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I. Warm Up

Making money is a major goal of online stores, and these businesses know that shopping is something we all do regardless of country, but shopping techniques, practices, and language can differ widely depending on the location of the shop, local laws, and store practices. Now, online shopping is becoming popular. Listen to this conversation which will introduce you to this language.

II. Conversation - Listen

Pronunciation Tip: SHOULD HAVE and COULD HAVE change to SHOULD OF and COULD OF.

Background: Ryan is sitting at his computer searching the Internet for an MP3 player when Alex walks up.

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Alex: Hey, Ryan. You're not thinking about buying that MP3 player, are you? That's a rip-off! You should of talked this over with me before. I mean, geez.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Alex: I mean before you buy anything on some auction Website, you ought to check around, or you'll end up paying through the nose. I mean these sites are set up to make fast money, and you never know what you're paying for.

Ryan: Huh?

Alex: I mean they're fly-by-night businesses. Look. For how much is that Website selling their player?

Ryan: Uh. Two hundred bucks.

Alex: Two hundred bucks? That's outrageous! I could of told you that. I mean some online shopping Websites know your a sucker who'll pay anything, and they'll take you to the cleaners. Come on. You can pick up the same thing on some other Websites I know.

Ryan: Yeah, but this Website says that they only had two players left [Oh, yeah.]; they're on sale today, and they're going to hold it for people because they make deals only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alex: Did you check out any other Websites?

Ryan: Well, . . .

Alex: Ah, man. You should of done at least that. I mean, man, you're so green. [Green?] That's a sales gimmick, and these Websites know they have your number and (that) you're ready to cough up a wad of cash for this thing. Listen, you have to look for the best deals, or you'll end up paying an arm and a leg for worthless junk. Trust me on this one. Watch. I bet if you don't buy today, the Website will start slashing the price tomorrow.

Ryan: But . . .

Alex: Okay, hey . . . go ahead and blow your money on that cheap player [Really?]. Just remember I told you so. What Website is selling it anyway? I mean who's the seller?

Ryan: Uh. You.

Alex: Oh really, Gee, what a great deal. Nice player!

Ryan: But you just said . . .

Alex: It's . . . nah, nah, nah . . .

Key Vocabulary: [ Sample Sentences ]

  • a rip-off: an item that is unreasonably expensive
  • pay through the nose: pay too much for an item
  • fly-by-night: an untrustworthy business that might close quickly
  • buck: dollar
  • sucker: a person who is easily tricked into doing something
  • take someone to the cleaners: get someone to spend a lot of money unnecessarily
  • pick up: get
  • be on sale: available for purchase at a lower price
  • on a first-come, first-served basis: not reserving an item for sale
  • green: naive or a novice at something, without experience
  • gimmick: a clever sales trick to get people to buy
  • have someone's number: to know something about someone
  • cough up: give unwillingly
  • wad: a think pile or mass of something, like money or chewing gum
  • pay an arm and a leg: spend a great deal of money
  • slash prices: cut or reduce drastically
  • blow money: spend money carelessly

Origin of Idioms:

Fly by night originally referred to people who ran away during the night while people where sleeping to avoid paying their bills. Now, this idiom can refer to businesses that sometimes deceive their customers into buying something and then close suddenly without paying their bills or making good on their contractual promises.

III. Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. You might want to visit that store this afternoon because they have begun to _________ on all their merchandise, and you can find some real bargains there.
A. slash prices
B. put up
C. cough up

2. Shop keepers can see a _________ from a mile away and know that they will buy almost anything.
A. buck
B. gimmick
C. sucker

3. You'll ______________________ if you don't check around for the best price.
A. haggle over
B. take someone to the cleaners
C. pay through the nose

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Correct answers:

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