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Making Money

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IV. Filling in the Meaning - Listen

Instructions: Listen to the short interview and fill in the blanks with the missing words.

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About a year ago, I decided to try to make some extra money by opening up an online store selling new and used college textbooks. As we all know, textbooks sold on most campuses are a real (1), and students end up paying an (2) and a leg for books alone. I mean, who wants to (3) seventy-five (4) for a single book? And students already pay through the (5) for school tuition, so I decided to set up an Internet business where students can buy the same textbooks for a tremendous discount, and students aren't taken to the (6), and I still make a decent profit. Both sides win in the end.

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V. Retelling the Story

Instructions: Retell the story above using the vocabulary you have learned. Explain why the man started his own business, and how it benefits students.

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