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EZ Slang

Making Money: Sample Sentences

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Sample Sentences

  • a rip-off: an item that is unreasonably expensive

    -- You ought ta of bought the computer from me. The one you have was way too expensive . . . what a rip-off.

  • pay through the nose: pay too much for an item

    -- Unfortunately, he didn't know much about car repairs and paid through the nose to get his car fixed.

  • fly-by-night: an untrustworthy business that might close quickly

    -- Although she didn't realize it at the time, she bought the vacuum from a fly-by-night shop which quickly went out of business. She should of heeded my advice to buy the same thing at an established store.

  • buck: dollar

    -- The TV was on sale for $30 bucks, but I didn't buy one at the time. Looking back, I ought ta of purchased at least two for future gifts.

  • sucker:: a person who is easily tricked into doing something

    -- I can't believe I was such a sucker to buy that camera online. I really should of looked into things more carefully.

  • take someone to the cleaners: get someone to spend a lot of money unnecessarily

    -- You can find some good buys on the Internet, but you ought to check things out or some businesses might take you to the cleaners.

  • pick up: get

    -- Where did you pick up that video camera? It looks nice.

  • on sale: available for purchase at a lower price

    -- Ah. You could of bought that jacket on sale a week ago at a store around the corner.

  • on a first-come, first-served basis: not reserving an item for sale

    -- Sorry, but can't hold the item since everything in the store is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • green: naive or a novice at something, without experience

    -- He's so green that he'll fall for any Internet scam.

    gimmick: a clever sales trick to get people to buy

    -- That Website uses all sorts of gimmicks to get people to buy their products, but I still not sold on their company.

  • have someone's number: to know something about someone

    -- Once you start ordering from that company, they've got your number and know that you'll order again.

  • cough up: give unwillingly

    -- Hey, you could of saved money by not coughing up $50 for that cheap jacket.

  • wad: a think pile or mass of something, like money or chewing gum

    -- You shouldn't of carried around that large wad of cash. That way, you might not of lost it. Next time, you might listen to my advice.

  • pay an arm and a leg: spend a great deal of money

    -- If you not careful, you'll end up paying an arm and a leg for souvenirs in that country.

  • slash prices: cut or reduce drastically

    -- You ought to wait a little longer because I have a feeling that the store will slash prices on their winter clothing, now that the season is almost over.

  • blow money : spend money carelessly

    -- She blew all of her money on the last day of the trip.

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