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Distance Education and Online Degrees

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IV. Filling in the Meaning - Listen

Instructions: Listen to the short interview and fill in the blanks with the missing words.

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Woman: I think distance education is one option for people, who like myself, don't like traditional schooling. To be honest, I used to (1) class in high school because the regular classes were such a (2). I mean, I would (3) most of the tests, but I just didn't feel challenged. I didn't even have to cram for tests; everything came so easily, but then, my high school counselor told me that I was going to (4) of school if I continued to (5) and skip school so much. Anyway, after high school, I decided to enroll in an online class to receive college credit, and I enjoyed life and education a lot more.

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V. Retelling the Story

Instructions: Retell the story above using the vocabulary you have learned. Then discuss with a partner how your own educational experiences have been the same or different.
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