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EZ Slang

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Speaking Effective English and Accent Reduction Training
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  1. My computer doesn't play the audio.
  2. I can hear the audio at home, but it doesn't play at my work or school. Is it a problem with your site, the software, or my Internet connection?
1. My computer doesn't play the audio on your site.
If you are viewing a page with the Flash player, you shouldn't have any difficulty in playing the audio. On the other hand, the most common problem (having worked with audio on the Internet for years) is that the user doesn't have the Windows Media Player software installed on their computer. Fortunately, for all PCs running Windows, you already have the software installed on your computer.

If you have the software installed, and the audio doesn't play or takes a long time to start, it might be an issue with the connection to the Internet anywhere from your computer to one of the routers somewhere in between. In other words, by the time a file reaches your computer from a Web site, it often passes through many computer checkpoints along the way, and thus, one of those computers could be experiencing Internet congestion. Try to use my site at a different time of day.

Oh, and make sure you have speakers, and they are turned on. This sounds too simple, but I have encountered a situations where this was the problem.

2. I can hear the audio at home, but it doesn't play at my work or school?
The number one reason why this happens has nothing to do with my site. Rather, schools, companies, and other organizations often install Internet firewalls for security purposes to prevent problems with viruses and other downloads, and sometimes the settings to the firewalls prevent downloading of other media files. A network technician at your institution would have to make changes to the firewall settings to permit media files to download.

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